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Specialist providers of independent advisory and consultancy services to agriculture and sectors that both supply agriculture or use its raw materials

PG Economics: who we are

PG Economics Limited is a specialist provider of advisory and consultancy services to agriculture and sectors that both service/supply agriculture and use agricultural raw materials.

The Company's original two directors were Peter Barfoot and Graham Brookes who formed PG Economics in 1999. Peter retired in 2021 with the business transferring to the sole ownership of Graham.  Graham continues the work that PG Economics has become widely know for undertaking via his own business GBC Ltd.

Core areas of expertise

The core areas of experience, skills and capabilities to undertake ad-hoc assignments, on-going consultancy and advice are in the following core areas:

  • Commercialisation and impact of new technology
  • Regulatory and policy impact assessment
  • Farm economics and competitiveness
  • Sustainability claims assessment and advice
  • Market dynamics and economics
  • Trade agreement impact assessment
  • Market intelligence gathering & interpretation
  • Auditing and checking of socio-economic, environmental and sustainability claims
  • Technical & market knowledge management
  • Policy interpretation and analysis
  • Value chain analysis and assessment.

Client base

Our clients come from both public and private sectors. These include the leading agri-technology companies, agro-chemical manufacturers, seed companies & plant breeders, animal feed ingredient manufacturers, breakfast cereal manufacturers, rice millers, oilseed crushers, food processors, sugar/starch/sweetener manufacturers, farmers’ organisations, national and international trade associations, UK government and the European Commission. 

Expertise base

Graham is an economist by training who has 35+ years experience of providing consulting services to both private and public-sector customers. He has in-depth knowledge of the markets, trade and supply chain developments in many sectors including cereals, oilseeds, rice, sugar, dairy, wine, potatoes, meat and processed product derivatives (including starch, flour, animal feed, oils, meals/proteins, beer and alcoholic spirits). He has considerable experience and understanding of farm economics and competitiveness, policy/regulation and trade issues, impact on markets and of undertaking regulatory and policy impact assessments. He is also a specialist in assessing the impact (economic, environmental and greenhouse gas emission) of new technology, such as plant biotechnology and newer breeding techniques and can help with data requirements for certification with bodies such as B Corp and Fair Trade.

What PG Economics can do to assist you

We can undertake ad hoc consultancy projects, on-going consultancy and intelligence gathering. Please contact Graham Brookes to discuss your requirements.

We can be contacted by email, telephone and post at:

PG Economics Ltd, Stafford House, 10 Prince of Wales Road, Dorchester, Dorset, DT1 1PW

Telephone: +44 (0) 1432 851 007 

Contact - please use the online contact form.